My name is Terna (say Tayna) Tilley-Gyado. At Evolutionary Hands, I am interested in two questions: who are you at the next level? and what does your evolution look like? Lifecoaching and bodywork are powerful tools to get you where you want to go and to help you enjoy the journey more deeply along the way. Lifecoaching is a facilitated process of exploration, goal-setting, action and accountability. Are you ready to live in more fully in alignment with your unique purpose? Are you ready to transform your relationships? Your work? Your creativity? Your spiritual life?

Where life coaching helps you to transform your life through new action, energy work facilitates and supports transformation by shifting the energy in your body. Bodywork works on the emotional, mental and spiritual levels as well as the physical.

Evolutionary Hands works with you to determine the best approach to creating the transformation you are ready for. Sometimes this may be a hybrid of life coaching and energy work, or it may be one or the other.

Take the first step get in touch for a FREE Discovery session.

BE well!

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