What exactly is (r)evolution?

(r)evolution: the space within the bounds of self, where the essential truths of being a human being are innate and constantly cycling into wakefulness and sleep, remembrance and forgetfulness. It is the process by which you forget key facts of who you are—What talents do I have?What do I really care about?–and remember them again—I really am talented at…Or I really care about…Its necessary components are the heart and the spirit.

(r)evolution is not to be confused with Revolution, a la the popular overthrow of particular powers that be in governance structures, institutions big and small. Though (r)evolution is necessary for Revolution, they are not synonymous.

One thought on “What exactly is (r)evolution?

  1. As always, I am inspired. I’m so glad you are sharing your process in this transparent and enlivening way, and I will be contemplating these questions!

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