Evolutionary Hands is Terna (say Tayna) Tilley-Gyado. A citizen of the world and passionate advocate for progress, equality, positivity, and LOVE. I am a Life Coach and Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner located in Western Massachusetts. The underlying unifier of each of those roles is Facilitator Healer. My goal as a healer is to support clients to answer the question, “who am I at the next level of my personal evolution?” Together, we explore your answer by recovering and discovering truths, potential, and authenticity using the modality that best allows you to access and be in conversation with your heart and spirit.

I have served my community as a Clinical Trauma Responder working with young people impacted by community violence; as NYC public school teacher; at the United Nations; through a national anti-bullying non-profit;  and I co-wrote and perform the show Coming Out Muslim: Radical Acts of Love . I hold Masters degrees in Counseling & Global Mental Health; International Conflict Analysis and; Adolescent Education. I’ve lived on three continents, making a life for myself in six different countries, learning about the vast and beautiful diversity in cultures and the nature of the human spirit every step of the way.

My life of travel, education, and advocacy has lead me to a deep awareness of health, healing, and overall wellness in myself and others. I am interested in the inner (r)evolutions we all experience and how they show up in relationships between our inner dichotomies (ex. fierce and tender, hard and soft, seen and unseen).

My practice, Evolutionary Hands, serves as an avenue for me to use my skills and intuitive abilities to facilitate healing through the modalities of Life Coaching (through a spiritual lens) and  Jin Shin Jyutsu (a form of energy work). My practice supports folks in explore themselves with the aim of cultivating a deeper connection to their truths so that they may better feed and nourish themselves, their relationships, and their sense of purpose. By providing an honest, fun, and liberating experience, my clients feel whole, happy, and free to realize the next level of their own personal (r)evolution.

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